Debian KDE Team Web Maintenancewebmaint_icon

The webpage code is kept in this Git repo.
Steps to modify it:

  1. Edit/create pages (without .html suffix) in folder './pages/'.
    These pages must only include its very own content.
    Header, sidebar and footer are in files 'top' and 'bottom' and will be appended
    by running script in the next step.
  2. Run script './'. It will create full-fledged pages in folder './output/'.
  3. Use a browser to check your changes, and repeat previous steps if necessary.
  4. Commit the modifications you did inside 'pages/'.
  5. For publishing the changes, run from the git repository root and copy the content from output to moszumanska:/home/groups/pkg-kde/htdocs/.
  6. For example use rsync for it:
    rsync -av output/