QML modules packaging guidelines

This guidelines are meant to provide consistent naming for QML modules. The reasoning behind this scheme can be found here.

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Naming scheme

The naming scheme should follow the following template:

Where module-name is the lower-cased path replacing slashes with '-'. The version is optional if the version is not part of the module path, but required if it's part of it.


$QT_INSTALL_QML/foo/var/ would be packaged as qml-module-foo-var
$QT_INSTALL_QML/foo/var.2/ would be packaged as qml-module-foo-var2
$QT_INSTALL_QML/foo.2/var/ would be packaged as qml-module-foo2-var
$QT_INSTALL_QML/foo2/var.2/ would be packaged as qml-module-foo2-var2