pkg-kde SVN quick guide

Please note that as of the end of August 2010, KDE packages are mostly maintained in git. Check the pkg-kde git quick guide for more info.

Anonymous access

If you do not have write acces or your want to download a copy without write permissions (so you do not need your password), you only need to execute:

         svn co svn://

This will download the whole repository, so if you only need a module or a specific directory, you only have to add the path to the order. For example, to download kile that is placed in kde-extras:

         svn co svn://

Identified access

If you have write permissions in the repository, you can download a copy with this order:

         svn co svn+ssh://

You need to replace ana with your login name (user or user-guest).

And if you only want a specific directory, append it to the path:

         svn co svn+ssh://

Web access

You can also browse the repository using your web browser: