Dealing with linking issues under KDE 4.1

The Debian KDE 4.1 packages are built with the KDE4_ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_LIB_EXPORT option, which alters how CMake (the build system used by KDE) links to the KDE libraries. Linking to a library no longer implies linking to all of its dependencies, so a target must now explicitly link to every library it uses. While this behaviour is to become standard for KDE 4.2, KDE 4 software that relies on the previous linking behaviour may fail to build.

If you want, you can find more information on this thread on kde-buildsystem maillist.

If you need to compile a KDE 4 application :

1- Use Debian patched packages

Use the Debian source package if possible, since they are known to work. You can find the available package in these pages : official KDE modules and extra applications.

You can get the source with apt-get source and compile it if needed.

Note: CMake options can be set with the variable DEB_CMAKE_EXTRA_FLAGS in debian/rules

2- Automatic fix

Use the autofixtll script to automatically find most linking problems and generate a patch to fix them.

3-Manually find and repair linking problems :

Note : sometimes, the symbol is provided by a library from the software you are trying to compile. Try searching in build/lib/*