Usertagstag icon

Usertags is a new nice feature in the bug tracking system that can be used to tag bugs how you like to do it. The tags are bound to a user, and a user is in this case an email address. Usertags can be used to create different views on bugs and it can also be used to track stuff across packages.

The KDE packagers mostly use the tags associated with to create views of related bugs or bugs with special needs. The special views are for larger programs like konqueror that have many different functions to show bugs only for one of the tasks. The special needs could be that the bug is related to interaction with a Microsoft Exchange server.

How to set usertags

Usertags are set by emails to just like ordinary tags. The syntax is a bit different and there is not a predefined set of tags, so beware of typos.

usertag #1234 +kde-foo

Please only set the predefined tags already used by the KDE packagers. If you find a need for a new tag, please approach the packagers before using it, or alternatively tag bugs as your own user.

How to view usertags

The usertags are viewed by handcrafting urls to the bug system, more specifically adding arguments to pkgreport.cgi. The different arguments are seperated by semicolon (;).
The following arguments are recognized:

include all bugs by binary package
include all bugs by source package
include all bugs by package maintainer (email address)
include bugs that applies to distribution (stable, testing, unstable)
Set the user for usertags. Multiple users can be seperated with colon (:)
include bugs with the following tags. Can be specified multiple times or alternatively tags can be comma (,) seperated
exclude bugs with the following tags. Can be specified multiple times or alternatively tags can be comma (,) seperated

With these arguments, most views are created. A couple of examples:;tag=kmail-imap;dist=unstable
Bugs in unstable tagged kmail-imap by the user;;exclude=konqueror-filemanager;exclude=konqueror-webbrowser;dist=unstable
Bugs in unstable in binary package konqueror not tagged konqueror-filemanager or konqueror-webbrowser by the user

The usertags used by the KDE packagers

Some usertags are in the KDE packages only used in specific source packages. Other usertags are used across all source packages.


Imap-related bugs in konqueror
bugs in kmail related to ssl-connections


Bugs in konqueror as browser on world wide web. Mostly crashes on webpages and bad rendering
Bugs in konqueror related to its use as a filemanager


kopete as a client for msn network
kopete as a icq client
kopete as irc client

Tags across source packages

Bugs related to interaction with a ldap server
Bugs related to interaction with a Exchange server
Bugs related to having home on a kind of network file system
Bugs related to special settings related to X. Including, but not limited to xinerama, transluciency, compiz, beryl and openGL in general
Bugs only appearing when KDE apps are used outside kde (in gnome/xfce/windowmaker etc)
Bugs fixed in KDE 4
qt3libs-removal and kde3libs-removal
The Debian Qt/KDE team is planning to remove the KDE3 and Qt3 libraries from Debian shortly after the Squeeze release. The transition phase to KDE4 and Qt4 will finish since both KDE and Nokia upstream don't maintain the old versions of those libraries anymore.
Bugs fixed in KDE 3.5.6