pkg-kde git quick guide

As of the end of August 2010, KDE packages are maintained in git and few kde-extras packages maintained in git.

To obtain a list of these packages, please see the pkg-kde git index.

Anonymous access

If you do not have write acces to the remote git repository you only need to execute:

git clone git://

where BRANCH_PATH is the path to the branch given on the git index. For example, to fetch the pkg-kde/kde-extras/bangarang.git branch, you would run:

git clone git://

Identified access

If you have write permissions in the repository, you can download a copy with this order:

git clone git+ssh://

You need to replace YOUR-ALIOTH-USERNAME with your login name (user or user-guest) and BRANCH_PATH with the appropriate path, as described above.

Don't forget to read the git guidelines.

Creating a packaging branch

ssh to and cd to /git/pkg-kde/ or an appropriate subfolder thereof, like /git/pkg-kde/kde-extras. Then run:

/git/pkg-kde/setup-git-repository sourcepackagename

This will setup the branch with commit hooks that will send commit mail to the pkg-kde-commits mailing list and to

You can then procede to import the upstream tarball as described below and start adding your packaging, or you can import an existing source package, replacing the text in capitals as required. The BRANCH_PATH of the fresh repository is pkg-kde/sourcepackagename.git, or, if you chose a subfolder, something like pkg-kde/kde-extras/sourcepackagename.git.

cd /path/to/debian/sources
git-import-orig PACKAGE_VERSION.dsc
git remote add origin git+ssh://
git push origin master upstream pristine-tar --tags

Using the packaging branch

Upstream tarballs are nearly always stored in the pristine-tar branch and upstream code in the upstream branch.

After cloning the remote repository, you'll need to checkout these branches in order to access them:

git checkout --track origin/pristine-tar
git checkout --track origin/upstream

Importing a new upstream release

To import a new upstream tarball, run:

git-import-orig --pristine-tar [-u version] /path/to/upstream-version.tar.gz

More information

You can find more information on how to use git with packaging branches here on the Debian wiki.

Web access

You can also browse the repository using your web browser by visiting the pkg-kde git index.