How to help pkg-kde team

So, you would like to help us bringing the best KDE experience possible to Debian users? That sounds great! We present here some ways to get involved.

Meet us on IRC

First, you should join IRC channel #debian-qt-kde on This is the place where we meet and work on KDE-related packages in Debian. It is a good starting point: you'll be able to work on what you're interested on, discuss your ideas, fix bugs, etc.

Subscribe to mailing lists

You can also subscribe to some of our mailing lists:

Discussion and coordination among maintainers of Debian's Qt, KDE and dependent or related packages.
List for the maintainers of stuff under pkg-kde/kde-extras. (Archives)
This list is a coordination channel for the upcoming KDE Packaging Team. (Archives)

Where to start?

You can start helping with bugs. This is a task that does not need a high commitment, basically when you have some time and want to contribute a bit, you can help us in this way. A couple of suggestions: