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The following strategy is the one mostly used on bug triaging among the KDE packagers:

The most important steps were 1) remember to tag +moreinfo unreproducible when asking for moreinfo and 2) remember to mark the bug as forwarded.

Finding open bugs

The QA package overview page provides an easy way of reviewing open bugs

Bug tagging and forwarding

Bug tagging is done by mails to control. When a comment is needed, it can be in the same mail, just remember to email the right people. The following is a example of a mail describing who to mail (the 3 To: lines) and the content of the mail (The rest of the mail starting from tag)

To: 1234-submitter@bugs.debian.org
To: 1234@bugs.debian.org
To: control@bugs.debian.org

tag 1234 +moreinfo unreproducible

I have tried to reproduce your bug with the help of your instructions.
I am unfortunately not able to reproduce it. Does it still apply? If yes,
please provide detailed steps on how to reproduce.


Someones from the kde team will try to go over the moreinfo bugs regularily and either close them or remove the moreinfo-tag

Closing bugs

A bug is normally versioned closed. That way, the bugs can be tracked thru the different distributions. It is importaint that the version a bug is closed in is a version that has existed in debian.
Moreinfo-bugs are closed after 4 weeks with out more info from submitter. The list of bugs tagged moreinfo is here
A bug is closed by a mail to nnn-done@bugs.debian.org with Version: 4:1.3.4-6 as first line. Then a empty line and finally a explanation why the bug is closed.
Like this

To: 1234-done@bugs.debian.org

Version: 4:3.5.0-3

This bug is fixed half year ago upstream in https://bugs.upstream/37489
The fix have made debian long time ago. Closing this bug.


Happy bug closing!

Links to BTS

This is a attempt to try to group the bugs in sections of relevance - or just in smaller sections. A package like Konqueror has many different functions and not all people use all of these functions.

Some links are to source packages, other pages are to binary packages and then again some to only parts of a binary package.

The third level is manually tagged so it might be inaccurate.

For more on bug tagging and for used usertags in kde packages there are special pages available

All bugs

Other categories

Some bugs needs something special to be reproduced (and fixed). These are tagged manually as well.