KDE 4.3 live CD

Thanks to the efforts of the Debian Live project, we have created live CDs with of KDE 4.

These live CDs allow users to try the latest KDE 4 without any risk to their existing installation.

If you do not use an English keyboard layout, you can specify your two-letter ISO language code at the boot prompt:

live keyb=fr French AZERTY layout
live keyb=de German QWERTZ layout
live keyb=es Spanish QWERTY layout

For more information on options for the Live CD, see the live-initramfs manual page.

Bug reports

If you want to contribute to KDE by submitting bug reports, then this live CD is not for you. You should use the KDE4Daily CD that is designed for this purpose.

Download the Debian KDE 4.3 live CD

Torrent download at Torrentbox: info - download link.

Troubleshooting and Support (actually, lack of it)

Reporting bugs at http://bugs.debian.org is out of question for these packages. However, you are welcome to help Debian Qt/KDE team to improve packaging by making the patch or proposing/discussing solutions (complaining does not count).